• Anna Shvets

    Anna Shvets

    Art Business Strategist, CEO TAtchers' Art Management, Producer and a specialist in international PR. Оver 15 years of experience in the art management field.

  • Vladimir Opredelenov

    Vladimir Opredelenov

    CDO .ART Domains. Expert in the management, development, and digitalization of museums and cultural institutions. Many years of teaching experience in universities and MBA programs.

  • Sofiya Grigorieva

    Sofiya Grigorieva

    Researcher of the art market and economic processes in the sphere of culture, museum manager, teacher, economist and art historian, Ph.D.

  • Natalia Bergmann

    Natalia Bergmann

    Expert in contemporary art, cultural manager. Art advisor for private and corporate art collections. Over 9+ years in international art market. COO Phillips auction house Moscow (2015-2019).

  • Olga Vad

    Olga Vad

    Art&Science curator, cultural producer, co-founder of NADO Curatorial Agency. Engaged in cultural management and curation for more than ten years.

  • Pishnenko Maxim

    Pishnenko Maxim

    Art manager, independent curator, consultant in the field of producing artists and cultural projects, co- founder of the online gallery and community Love24, art educator.

  • Marina Fedorovskaya

    Marina Fedorovskaya

    Curator, art journalist, specialist in communications in art sphere and art-therapist. The most important curatorial projects were presented at GUM-Red-Line Gallery (2019- 2022).

  • Olga Sivel

    Olga Sivel

    Art historian, art manager, independent curator, and producer of international grand-scale art events. A senior executive 12+ years of experience in cultural management.

  • Aleksey Novoselov

    Aleksey Novoselov

    Art historian, art manager and curator, founder and artistic director of Site Dance Festival, deputy director of MMOMA, commissioner of the 7th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, and an art director at Territory Festival.

  • Anna Evtygina

    Anna Evtygina

    Сultural entrepreneur, contemporary art curator, co- founder of a studio ipureland.art in New York, curator of residency programs at ISCP(USA) and Ria Keburia(Georgia)

  • Ksenia Chehovskaya

    Ksenia Chehovskaya

    An independent producer and curator of multimedia shows, installations and exhibitions. Co- founder and curator of INTERVALS festival, program director of multimedia art space TSEH space.

  • Olesya Bolmatova

    Olesya Bolmatova

    Art manager, expert in the field of institutional support for art - grants, residences. Advises on open calls and opportunities available to Russian artists.

  • Sona Minasian

    Sona Minasian

    Art advisor, curator, expressive arts therapy coach, co-founder The Fin Art agency, organizer of art trips.

  • Timur Matveev

    Timur Matveev

    Develop and implement various projects in the cultural field, from design to the production of expositions, art objects, multimedia and complete equipment of objects. SDG co-founder.

  • Anna Merman

    Anna Merman

    Art manager and art researcher, founder of online contemporary art gallery Gathering and online media.

  • Elisaveta Kovaleva

    Elisaveta Kovaleva

    Founder of Li-Ne agency – a production company and artist management with a strong focus on fashion photography.

  • Andrey Zykov

    Andrey Zykov

    Develops and implements various projects in the cultural field, from design to the production of expositions, art objects, multimedia and complete equipment of objects.

  • Aleksandra Timonina

    Aleksandra Timonina

    Public programs specialist, PhD in Art history. Currently works at La Biennale di Venezia Foundation.

  • Alyona Ivanova

    Alyona Ivanova

    Producer of art project and strategist for art and business collaborations. Pearl Lam Galleries director.

  • Viktor Kydryashov

    Viktor Kydryashov

    Artist, curator, producer. His interest is research in digital - analog communications. He is working with new media stuff and share his knowledge with all world. Media Materia.

  • Anna Zavediy

    Anna Zavediy

    Independent curator, head of special programs of the North-Western branch of the Pushkin State Museum (2018-2022). Media art researcher, producer and exhibitions expert.

  • Elena Katikina

    Elena Katikina

    Cultural studies specialist, musician, arts manager, translator. Teaches her course English for Arts and Culture Professionals.

  • Irina Strelkovskaya

    Irina Strelkovskaya

    Legal advisor focused on art law, international private and public law, and ADR. Co-founder of 5bases, art law educator.

  • Ksenia Listikova

    Ksenia Listikova

    Art manager in TAtchers’ Art Management, journalist, art researcher, producer of the international art events, PR specialist in arts and culture. 

  • Yulia Konstantinova

    Yulia Konstantinova

    Art Manager, art researcher, curates and organizes art events, produces Chuvash Biennale of Contemporary Art, writes about art and culture.

  • Ksenia Semenova

    Ksenia Semenova

    Publisher of TheSequence.ai, the top newsletter about ML&AI; Board member at Track Two: An Institute for Citizen Diplomacy.

  • Veronika Kandayrova

    Veronika Kandayrova

    Consultant for strategic communication projects in culture and gastronomy in Russia and abroad, community curator at Yandex Q.

  • Nadezhda Vinnichenko

    Nadezhda Vinnichenko

    Artist and psychologist with a gallerist experience. She works with mind helping to get rid of anxiety, feel calm and confident.

  • Anna Firyleva

    Anna Firyleva

    Art-manager and CEO LOVE24 online gallery, researcher of European culture and art.

  • Ksenia Koval

    Ksenia Koval

    Philologist, linguist, translator, researcher of European culture and art. Constantly involved in socially significant projects.

  • Yana Kuzmina

    Yana Kuzmina

    CMO and founder of Marketing & Design Studio Artelligence. Deal with Digital Art and NFT projects worldwide, organize conferences & Art related events.

  • Maria Litvinova

    Maria Litvinova

    Creative producer, partnerships manager. Master of Arts. Co-founder of Patreart – a non-for- profit creative agency for Russian contemporary artists.

  • Vera Alhova

    Vera Alhova

    Art dealer and PR. She organizes art exhibitions, art tours, lectures and educational initiatives in art sphere. Her goal is to promote the idea of art collecting and art – investments.

  • Maria Bazhenova

    Maria Bazhenova

    Art manager in TAtchers’ Art Management, editor, art researcher, producer of the international art events, PR specialist in arts and culture

  • Anna Kydriyashova

    Anna Kydriyashova

    Art manager, exhibition and event producer and curator, researcher of European culture and art.

  • Liza Shtormit

    Liza Shtormit

    An artist, curator and researcher. Founder of the First audio art school and AS Agency. Lecturer and integrator of interdisciplinary education since 2011.

  • Gerbert Shopnik

    Gerbert Shopnik

    Founder of the NFT agency and telegram channel Digital ART & NFT. Organizer of the first exhibitions of NFT-art in Russia. Speaker, lecturer, expert in Web3-technologies.

  • Maria Kozhevnikova

    Maria Kozhevnikova

    Specialist in development of a communication strategies in the Art environment, for the Art business, creation and development of brands in the territory of art.

  • Oksana Chviakina

    Oksana Chviakina

    Art historian, expert in new media, virtual and hybrid exhibitions. Founder of the virtual exhibition platform Chimera.

  • Natalia Krychkova

    Natalia Krychkova

    Art blogger "I'll take you to the museum", Former editor of The Art Newspaper Russia, correspondent and editor of the culture departments of TASS and RIA Novosti.

  • Elizaveta Fyrsova

    Elizaveta Fyrsova

    Producer of international exhibitions and organizer of cultural events in Venice and Milan, Art Events agency.

  • Eva Gorobets

    Eva Gorobets

    A sociologist of art and PhD candidate researching career trajectories of professional artists. With a passion for photography and a background in art management, they founded "Art Flaneur" - a platform dedicated to exploring and promoting contemporary artists.