We’d like to introduce you to a new artistic community based on new technologies, web 3.0, and DeFi to produce new media art - THE EXILAND ART COMMUNITY. Exiland unites artists from all over the world helping them to produce their art projects.

Article #Exhibition

28 January 2023

Exiland is an initiative that brings together artists, creators and producers around the world. This artistic union provides a platform and a club to engage with a global audience.

Exiland members are united by the desire to push the boundaries of art and technology beyond censorship and political restrictions in order to explore new ways of creating and sharing digital art using new technologies, Web 3.0 and DeFi.

Together with a partner VOIC Hub they have created the first metaverse gallery on the Spatial platform. Using this platform they have organised the first Exiland exhibition. The exposition space was largescale halls. Visitors could walk through or teleport like many artists this year who were forced to “teleport” from their countries and start life from scratch. The narrow bridge between the two main halls also refers to movement in space. The abyss under the feet of avatars symbolizes exile and life’s unforeseen circumstances. Visitors could get lost while traveling through the spacious exhibition halls and zones. Each zone contained its own theme to emphasize the atmosphere of the artist’s exposition. After walking through the entire exhibition, the viewer got to the main entrance. The main hall of the exhibition contained a lecture hall, where presentations and performances took place.

The Exiland art community has ambitious plans for the future. Their primary goal is to grow and strengthen the community by inviting more participants and fostering connections between them. To achieve this, they plan to host a variety of events and activities that will bring our members together and promote collaboration and creativity.

One of the most exciting projects on the horizon is the development of a metaverse platform for exhibitions and artistic talks. This platform will allow us to showcase the work of our members in a virtual space, and to connect with other artists and art communities from around the world.

In addition to expanding the community and promoting members' work, Exiland also wants to support creative people through the launch of an AI grant. This grant will be open to artists, designers, and other creatives who are interested in using AI and other emerging technologies in their work.

Lastly, they also want to produce the first XR art projects with the help of our community. Exiland believes that XR technology has the potential to revolutionize the way they create and experience art, and they are excited to explore this new frontier together with our members.

Overall, the Exiland art community is committed to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of artists and art enthusiasts, and to supporting creativity and innovation in all its forms. They are excited to see what the future holds, and we look forward to working together to achieve our goals.


We are creating a metaverse space to unite people on virtual exhibitions, artists talks, artistic performances and educational lectures. The first space was made on Spatial platform by VOIC HUB.

Our first exhibition program started with digital art talks from collectors, artists and partners. Among them Sylvain Levy, co-founder of the dslcollection, one of the world’s leading collections of Chinese contemporary art. Lev Manovich, is a world-renown innovator and top influencer in many fields, including media theory, digital humanities, cultural analytics, and media art. Jiabao Li, Snow Yunxue Fu and other amazing artists. Talks and presentations will be held in the central metaverse hall and Twitter Spaces. Links to the exhibition and all events will appear in the project group.


Artists from Exiland community created a NFT collection to raise funds for the Exiland AI Grant.


Exiland helps to produce new media artworks by art group AES+F. Exiland acts as partners and producers of the interactive works of the renowned artistic group, AES+F. This collaboration is a testament to the strength of our commitment to promoting and supporting cutting-edge contemporary art. As partners and producers, we will be working closely with AES+F to bring their innovative and thought provoking interactive work to life.


Exiland supports the collaboration project by artist Sa1ntDenis. Together with a team of talented musicians, including Peter Theremin and Pixelord, they are creating an exciting story about robots coming to life through music and AI. This project is an exploration of the intersection of art, new technologies and music.